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Our New Launch Products



Why Choose Us?

    Kargha India started its operations in 2020, with the mission to support local Artisans earn their living, specially during difficult times of pandemic, at the same time showcasing the finest handcrafted collections of handbags and accessories on a national platform. We are proud to be a part of “Vocal for local” and “Made in India” campaign.

   "Kargha" represents the very essence of Indian craftsmanship. When the experienced hands work their charm on one of the most elegant and oldest fabrics known to man, The result is the epitome of Sophistication & fine art. And so are our offerings, made in India by Indian Artisans.




We love to hear from you It's always great to know our customers. Your appreciation is a fuel for our passion & your feedback help us improve. We work hard round the clock to bring you fabulous Designs. Follow us on our social media pages. Drop-in a mail for any queries or feedback.

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Kargha India ,1/718 Ramnagar,
Varanasi, India 221008

 Call: +91 7007848262

 Email: info@kargha.in

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