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Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together. ” – Mark Twain

Banaras is not just a city! But a name that resonate with the very essence of India. Art and craft are deep-rooted in the very fabric of this ancient city.

Our love for this mystic city and its legacy of finest artistry and craftmanship gave birth to Kargha India.

We aim to promote and preserve the Indian craftsmanship through carefully handcrafted finest Leather bags & accessories. Our products are a tribute to quintessential & vibrant Indian sensibilities harmoniously blended with functionality.

Kargha India started its operations in 2020, with the mission to support local Artisans earn their living, specially during difficult times of pandemic, at the same time showcasing the finest handcrafted collections of handbags and accessories on a national platform. We are proud to be a part of “Vocal for local” and “Made in India” campaign.

"Kargha" represents the very essence of Indian craftsmanship. When the experienced hands work their charm on one of the most elegant and oldest fabrics known to man, The result is the epitome of Sophistication & fine art. And so are our offerings, made in India by Indian Artisans.

Our products are an amalgamation of age-old craftsmanship, finest material, and modern designs all harmoniously blended to create modern yet timeless pieces.

“An Expression of you”

We don’t believe in following the trend. We create sophisticated & timeless masterpieces to complement and enhance your style. Our carefully curated and aesthetically handcrafted designs harmoniously blend elegance with function.

Our Handbags don’t fade away with time and changing trends. They get even better with time.

Quality and elegance are the two aspects we don’t compromise on. Every Kargha India product is created from the finest quality leather, making it your long-term reliable companion.

We believe elegance and style go hand in hand. That’s why our unique designs complement and blend with any style. Be it Classic, Natural, Romantic, Creative, Dramatic, or Modern, we have the right fit to express ourselves. Our bags are not just bags, they are an expression of you!

Our Vision Is,

To become India’s leading, most trusted, and loved premium leather handbag brands

Our Products “ Handcrafted Elegance”

Each Kargha India product is carefully handcrafted to align artisanal sensibilities with contemporary inspirations from across the world leading to a harmonious blend of the elegance, functionality, and durability. Our premium collection caters to every need. Be it office, shopping, Travel, or party.

  • Made from finest quality leather

  • Aesthetically designed

  • Elegant yet functional

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • Made in India from end to end

  • Premium gifting option

Our Team

Transforming a dream into reality

We are a bunch of dreamers working passionately to create timeless masterpieces that can be your loved and lasting companions.




A dream to create an Internationally recognized brand, handcrafted in India by Indian Artisans, gave birth to Kargha India. Charu’s love for Indian heritage and elegance, coupled with her passion, resulted in a range of timeless masterpieces that are premium yet economical. An engineer and a certified soft skills trainer by qualification, Charu’s enthusiasm and high spirits are unmatched.



With his business acumen and a sound understanding of the market, Sourav ensures our dream transforms into reality without any hiccups. Right from the procurement of the finest quality leather to a smooth delivery, Sourav is the man behind our smooth operations, distribution strategy and processes.



With a degree in Design from NIFT Kolkata, Nancy’s classic designs resonate with our beliefs, Quality, and elegance ! It’s her creative brain that gives form to imagination. Her soulful creation is a confluence of creativity, artisanal sensibility, functionality, and style. Each of our products is thoughtfully handcrafted with love and care



We love to hear from you It's always great to know our customers. Your appreciation is a fuel for our passion & your feedback help us improve. We work hard round the clock to bring you fabulous Designs. Follow us on our social media pages. Drop-in a mail for any queries or feedback.

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